1892:  Ernst Lubitsch is born on January 29 in Berlin, Germany

1911:  Joined Max Reinhardt's famous Deutsches Theater, where he rapidly advanced from bit parts to character leads

Worked as an apprentice and general-purpose handyman at Berlin's Bioscope film studios

Began acting in a series of German short film comedies, in which he played a character named Meyer

Made directorial debut with the short film "Fraulein Seifenschaum" 
(aka: Miss Soapsuds)

1916:  Directed his first feature-film in Germany, "Als ich tot War"  (aka:  As I was Dead)

1918:  Made his mark as a serious director with the film "Eyes of the Mummy"

  Moved to U.S., under contract to Mary Pickford

1923:  Directed first American film "Rosita", starring Pickford

1926:  Signed contract with Paramount

1928:  Received his first Academy Award nomination for best director, for "The Patriot" (which also received a Best Picture nomination that year)

1929:  Directed first sound film, "The Love Parade" for which he received his second Academy Award nomination for best director

1931:  "One Hour With You" and "The Smiling Lieutenant" receive Academy Award nominations for Best Picture.

  Made a film quite atypical for Lubitsch, the serious anti-war drama, "The Man I Killed (aka:  Broken Lullaby)

1933:  Became an American citizen

1935-1936:  Served as production chief at Paramount Studios

1937:  Returned to directing; directed first film in three years, "Angel"

1939-1940:  Directed two wonderful films for MGM:  "Ninotchka" and "The Shop Around the Corner."  Ninotchka received an Academy Award nomination for "Best Picture" in 1939.

1943:  Signed contract with 20th Century Fox Studios;  received his third Academy Award nomination for best director with the film "Heaven Can Wait" (which was also nominated for Best Picture that year)

1946:  Completed last film, "Cluny Brown"

1947:  Was given a special Academy Award in March, for his "distinguished contributions to the art of the motion picture."  Ernst Lubitsch died in Hollywood on November 30th, while working on "That Lady in Ermine"

1987:  On Paramount studios 75th anniversary, they named their Directors Building after Ernst Lubitsch

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