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Lady Windermere's Fan (1925)

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Lady Windermere's FanUnable to rely upon Oscar Wilde's epigrammatic
dialogue to carry the day (this was, after all, the silent-film era), director Ernst Lubitsch substitutes verbal wit for
the visual variety in his 1925 filmization of Lady Windemere's Fan. Ronald Colman has one of his first important screen roles as the slightly caddish Lord Darlington, who is in love with the very pretty--and very married—Lady Windemere (May McAvoy). The lady is rescued from disgrace at the hands of Darlington by the notorious Mrs. Erlynne (Irene Rich), who unbeknownst to everyone is Lady Windemere's long-lost mother. Filmed
at the still young-and-hungry Warner Bros. studio, Lady Windemere's Fan was an enormous hit, and an instant candidate for the many "Ten Best" lists tabulated by the fan magazines of the era. Even in the truncated prints available today, Lubitsch's subtle visual innuendos and
the film's overall charm still work their magic.  
     -- Hal Erickson

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