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The Merry Widow (1934)

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"One of the great screen musicals of all time."
-- Clive Herschorn, The Hollywood Musical

Jeanette MacDonald is Sonia, a bubbly widow who owns 52% of every cow and cow town in the tiny European country of Marshovia. When she relocates to glittery Paris, suave ladies' man Captain Danilo (Maurice Chevalier) sets out
in how pursuit. His mission: avert his homeland's financial ruin by bringing Sonia
back on the wings of love. But hang on tight, Danilo. Love always flies a delirious course
when helmed by legendary director Ernst Lubitsch, known for his sophisticated wit and
style affectionately dubbed "the Lubitsch touch." A frothy, high-spirited gem based on
Franz Lehar's operetta, The Merry Widow set the standard for musicals to come. And
it confirmed what MGM's top brass already knew: Jeanette MacDonald was a major new
star. Filled with rapturous music, sparkling dialogue -- courtesy of screenwriters Ernest
Vajda and Samson Raphaelson -- and the swirling "Merry Widow Waltz." You'll have to
look far and wide for a better comedy operetta than this.

Plot Summary from the MGM/UA Home Video release of The Merry Widow.

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