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That Uncertain Feeling (1941)That Uncertain Feeling

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Ernst Lubitsch's That Uncertain Feeling was previously filmed by the director in 1925 as Kiss Me Again; both versions were inspired the Victorien Sardou-Emile
de Najac bedroom farce Let's Get a Divorce. Six years into her marriage to preoccupied insurance salesman Larry Baker (Melvyn Douglas), Jill Baker (Merle Oberson) develops a case of hiccups. Phlegmatic Freudian psychologist Vengard (Alan Mowbray) suggests that Jill's affliction is caused by marital problems, whereupon she decides to enter into a new relationship with Vengard's star patient, hilariously neurotic concert pianist Sebastian (Burgess Meredith). Magnanimously agreeing to a divorce, Larry nonetheless remains in love with Jill, and she with him. They'll get back together, of course, but not until a multitude of delightful misunderstandings. Outside
of Burgess Meredith's brilliant comic performance (obviously patterned on Oscar Levant), the
film's highlight finds Larry trying to figure out the gentlest possible way to permit Jill to file for
divorce on the grounds of cruelty.      -- Hal Erickson

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