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Rosita (1923)

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Based on the novel Don Cesar de Bazon and set in old Spain, this silent romantic drama centers on a beauteous street singer whose life changes for the worse when the King of Spain takes a shine to her. One day she sings a song making fun of the monarch and ends up arrested as does her true love, an impoverished aristocrat. The latter is slated for execution while the singer is brought before the king who tries showering her with gifts in order to seduce her. When that fails, the king blindfolds the girl and the nobleman and marries them, so she will have a title. Just before the aristocrat is to die, the Queen intervenes and slips blanks into the guns of the firing squad. When the fateful moment arrives though, the nobleman falls dead. Later, the pall bearers take him to the singer's home where the king is trying to calm her grief by seducing her. She will have none of that and is preparing to stab her
regent when her lover suddenly springs up and saves the king insuring a happy
ending for himself and his lady love.   -- Sandra Brennan

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