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The Loves of Pharaoh / Das Weib der Pharao (1921)

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(From the Turner Classic Movies Database)Loves of Pharaoh

Featuring thousands of extras and spectacularly grandiose production design on Berlin backlots, THE LOVES OF PHARAOH rivals METROPOLIS as the most ambitious German production of the silent era, and was director Ernst Lubitsch's last lavish German film before he left to work in Hollywood. Emil Jannings, international star and winner of the first "Best Actor" Oscar, plays Egyptian pharaoh Amenes, who must marry the daughter of the Ethiopian king (Paul Wegener, best known as director-star of THE GOLEM) to prevent war. Things get complicated when the pharaoh's adviser Ramphis (Harry Liedtke) sets his eye on the object of Amenes' affection, Theonis (silent era icon Dagny Servaes). For decades available only in fragments all over the European continent, this landmark film has now been given a spectacular digital restoration.     ~American Cinematheque


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