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The Patriot (1928)

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Exceptionally-wrought, this 18th-century set drama follows the dramatic downfall of Paul I, an insane Russian czar. As the story begins, the vicious and paranoid czar, terrified of assassins, hides out in his palace. But for his most trusted confidant, Count Pahlen, he remains sequestered and alone. Pahlen is loyal to the crazed leader, but he is also deeply disturbed by the intense poverty suffered by his subjects and so reluctantly decides that the ruthless czar must die and begins hatching his plot. He enlists the aid of a vengeful palace guard who has been publicly humiliated by the czar. In turn, the guard convinces the czar's lover to help him. Unfortunately, the mistress tells the czar. Enraged he summons Count Pahlen to his chambers. There Pahlen soothes his master
and swears allegiance. Later that night, the count and the guard creep into
the sleeping czar's room. It is the guard who fires the fatal shot. Immediately
after killing the czar, he shoots the count who dies peacefully knowing that he
is a true patriot.   -- Sandra Brennan

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