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Monte CarloMonte Carlo (1930)

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Under the deft helm of Ernst Lubitsch who successfully blended his expertise in silent films with the new sound technology, Monte Carlo is a delightful musical romance that stars Jeannette MacDonald as a countess who would much rather play the tables at Monte Carlo than marry a doltish Austrian prince. Unfortunately, she is on a losing streak and by the time she reaches Monaco is nearly broke. Still she finds an appropriately exclusive hotel
and checks in. There a handsome and very wealthy count becomes smitten by her soft, shining golden curls. While she is gambling, he steals up beside her and touches her fabulous hair for luck. Actually, his touch seems to bring her luck and being a superstitious sort, hires the stranger as her new valet. The playful count decides to go along with the ruse. At night, he adds an especially romantic touch by calling her up and crooning love songs anonymously every night. By day, she continues
gambling and once again her losing streak returns until she becomes so broke that she must seriously consider marrying the despised prince. Fortunately, she goes to an opera and learns the happy truth about her
newest servant and marital bliss ensues.       -- Sandra Brennan

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