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Cluny Brown (1946)

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The time is just prior to World War II. Lovely Cluny
Brown (Jennifer Jones) is the niece of a London plumber; when her uncle is indisposed, Cluny rolls up her sleeves and takes a plumbing job at a society home, where she meets a handsome refugee Czech author (Charles Boyer). Hoping to advance herself socially, Cluny
accepts a position as a maid in a fancy country home, where she once more meets the Czech author, who is a house guest. Though romanced by the wealthy but mother-dominated owner of the estate (Richard Haydn), Cluny chooses love over security and weds the impoverished author.
Cluny Brown is directed with style and finesse by the matchless Ernst Lubitsch.  
     -- Hal Erickson

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