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Angel (1937)

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In this melodrama, the neglected wife of a British aristocrat tires of her boring life and storms off to Paris to stay in the exclusive brothel of her friend, a Russian Duchess in this melodrama. The wife does not tell her husband of her excursion. While in Paris, she meets a handsome and very attentive American who invites her to dinner. Soon they are touring the City of Light together until the wife begins fearing that her escort is becoming too interested in her. Without a word, she leaves him and goes back to her husband who didn't realize that she was gone. Life gets sticky for the philandering wife when she and her husband spend a day at the races and she sees her American lover there. Up until that moment, he had no idea that she was married. This does not stop the lovers from pursuing their illicit affair. The matter comes to a head when her husband finally learns of the affair.
  -- Sandra Brennan

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