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Welcome to "The Cinema of Ernst Lubitsch," dedicated to the great film director whose brilliant career began in Germany during the silent era with sweeping, historical spectacles; and ended magnificently in Hollywood where he produced and directed pioneering musicals and sophisticated romantic-comedies. My name is Scott. I've loved movies for as long as I can remember. I studied films throughout my college career and I'm currently a media librarian in Los Angeles, California. When my friends ask me "Who's your favorite director?" I reply: "Ernst Lubitsch." This is usually followed by a blank stare. They then ask, "Well, what's your favorite film then?" I reply: "Trouble in Paradise." Another blank stare. And if this isn't bad enough, my internet travels revealed to me that no website existed devoted to the remarkable film career of Ernst Lubitsch. So I knew my mission was to fill that void. My goal in creating this website is: to perpetuate the study, appreciation, and sheer enjoyment of "The Cinema of Ernst Lubitsch." I hope you enjoy this website . . . come back and visit often.

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This website is dedicated in loving memory to Mr. Ted Larson -- my college film professor, mentor, and friend, who introduced me to my first Ernst Lubitsch film: The Merry Widow.

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My Humble Disclaimer
The intent of this website is to provide students and classic film-lovers with information about director Ernst Lubitsch. I chose the .com domain because it's the easiest to remember.  I want to make it clear however that this is not a commercial website!  This is a strictly not-for-profit, non-commercial "fan" site. I have made every attempt to cite all of the sources used in this website. If any author or publisher feels that I have violated copyright laws, please notify me and I'll remove or correct the item(s) immediately. I've linked to books and videos at amazon.com as a convenience to viewers of this site, and to encourage continued research and viewing of the films of Ernst Lubitsch.  The modest compensation I may receive from this affiliation will be used for the sole purpose of maintaining this website.

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